Spreadsheets for data analytics at scale

Make everyone a Data Hero with an end-end analytics platform that's as simple as a spreadsheet and as powerful as a data warehouse. 
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The only true 360-degree view of your business, in the original business interface.


AlphaSheets brings intelligent tables with smart controls to your spreadsheet. Shape data in seconds - without SQL or VLOOKUPS.


AlphaSheets lets you use the same Excel formulas 
and keyboard shortcuts you know and love.


AlphaSheets lets you collaborate with others in real-time with responsive simultaneous editing.


AlphaSheets is the most performant spreadsheet in the world, handling millions of rows without breaking a sweat. Never worry about size again!

Live Data

AlphaSheets keeps your data live automatically so your reports are always up-to-date. Connect pivot tables, charts, custom KPIs, & more to our realtime sources.

Joined Data

AlphaSheets lets you produce reports that would be impossible in any other tool - by combining business data from all your favorite sources. Choose from Salesforce, Mixpanel, PostgreSQL, & more.


AlphaSheets automatically suggests visualizations of your data. Share beautiful dashboards instead of plain spreadsheet reports!


Connect data from all your favorite sources.
& more coming soon

Stop fighting with Excel.
Start flourishing with AlphaSheets.

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