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Cleaning data

Delete & keep columns

Use Delete to remove the selected columns, and Keep to remove all columns except the selected ones.

Filter values by condition

Use Filter to remove values from a column which match a condition.

You can add multiple conditions and use AND/OR to produce more complex filters.

Change a column's data type

Often, data doesn't come in the right format. AlphaSheets can automatically detect most data types during import, but you can also manually Change Type of a column to String, Money, Number, or Date (with timestamp).

Match & replace values

Use Find/Replace to replace values in a column. Note: this matches the full value, not a substring. Substring support coming soon.

Remove null and empty values

Use Remove Empty to filter out all values in a column which are null or empty strings.

Limit the number of rows

Use Limit to reduce the table to the top N rows.

For example, we can display the 10 most recent tweets by sorting the Time column and limiting to 10 records.

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